About Spectra Deco

How it
all began...

Once upon a time…


There was a young man who gave up his career in the telephone industry…

In the year 1996 I decided to start my own business in a small town called Staphorst. With a trunk full of herbs and spices I went on a sales tour with a self-designed “herbal painting”.

Spectra Herbs and Spices was “born”. Later on, as we sold more various products, the name changed into Spectra Deco.

I collected the goods myself from my suppliers and together with my father we delivered them to our customers.

Trade went well and in 2002 I bought our current location in Vaassen. Our collection no longer consists of herbs and spices, but has gradually been increased with very diverse decorative items from all parts of the world. Meanwhile, our company has expanded several times and our workforce has grown with it.

A large number of early stage customers still buy from Spectra Deco today. We are very grateful for their many years of trust in us. Thanks to our customers, we could celebrate our 25th anniversary in 2021.

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